Do You Consider These Before Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

Getting the services of a virtual assistant is becoming more and more necessary nowadays. Even if you hear or read about headache stories of people who decided to hire a VA, obtaining the services of a virtual assistant actually has some advantages to your company. But just how do you avoid outsourcing problems and keep your home business on track while enjoying these benefits associated with hiring a virtual helper? What are the certain things to think about when hiring a virtual assistant? Below are guidelines that may help you:

Is your VA professional? Does your virtual assistant answer her or his emails, voice-mails as well as other communication in a prompt and professional manner? It is important, if this person is to work for you, that he or she has the right skills to never keep you or a deadline waiting. Remember to delegate tasks that want commitment to deadlines, but are not very crucial to your business--such as writing and submitting articles, submitting pictures, or updating a Facebook status. You can begin these tasks to weigh your VA in regard to deadlines. Be on the lookout for early signs that your VA might vanish in mid-project.

Organization. Balancing tasks is vital for your business. If your virtual assistant cannot perform a couple of tasks for the same project, you may want to move ahead. You wouldn't want to discover that they have project management issues when you have lost big time.

Accessibility. Many of these virtual workers work for multiple people simultaneously. It is not unusual for you as an employer to be in a funnel system for the VA. You gradually move down the funnel because they accept other projects from another virtual employer. Understand that you and your contract can get dumped just when you need it. You likewise need to be looking for new VA’s. Try to split your work between 2 or more VA’s to overcome this issue.

Test your VA. Give the VA a smaller project before you go ahead with a bigger contract. You could give a minimum of two tasks that cost no more than $10 or $15 to complete. Tell them that that your current small contract could lead to long-term projects, such as using Wordpress to create a blog and maintaining it. Tell them you need those tasks done correctly so you can proceed to a bigger contract. It is tempting to hire the first one to apply but you may consider selecting at least 5 and give the jobs to 2 of those you picked. Needless to say, make sure these tasks are something you actually want to be done; don't spend money on testing potential virtual assistants.

Learn about your VA. Can the virtual assistant provide you with a list of employers whom you can contact who will tell you about your potential candidate? This step can help you screen out candidates with attitude issues, and lead you towards finding an awesome virtual assistant for your business.

Consider your VA's mindset. Mindset is also a good indicator if your virtual assistant will be an asset to your organization? Does she exude optimism and a positive outlook? Or is she critical and cynical of others. Does she accept criticism positively, or does she take it personally? What are her goals and is she able to set goals effectively? What is her attitude towards money, service, and "going the extra mile"?

In summary, virtual workers could help do good for your home business or potentially harm it. Focus on their skills, their ethics, and leave a little room for costs. I think it's a bad idea to really go for the low-rate virtual assistants if it would incur a cost on your business itself. Do you agree?

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