How To Add/Remove Default Share Buttons in Blogger

Social media buttons are used to share your
 blog posts to other readers.
If you're new to Blogger and you've just created your first blog, you'd probably want to add those social media buttons that you see on other blogs. Blogger comes with this feature, although it's very limited. You only get Gmail, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ buttons. You can easily activate this inside your blogger account. Log in to your blog, go to the Design tab, then under that, click Page Elements. This will display general layout of your blog--blog posts, sidebars and footers.

At the lower right corner of the Blog Posts area, click Edit. This will open a small window that displays the stuff you would see on your blog posts if you activate (check) them, such as date and time, labels and categories, comments, and Blogger's default social media buttons. 

To make add these social media buttons to your blog posts, check the box.
Or uncheck to remove them.

 Click on the box next to Show Share Buttons to check it, then scroll down and click Save. Don't forget to scroll down and click Save. This will close the small window and take you back to your blogger Design-Elements window. On the upper right part of the window, click Save to save your changes. Feel good if you did this right.

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