Using Google Docs For a Team Project

Photo: Joe Shlabotnik
As a virtual assistant, you may be hired as part of a team working on a single big project--for example, creating an e-book. Most clients today, especially those from the U.S. are using online collaboration tools to increase productivity. Since VAs are remote workers, the primary mode of communication is through the internet. As Jomar Hilario puts it, you have to be extremely comfortable with the internet and online tools, and rely less on "analog" tools.

Supposing that your part of the e-book project is to write and edit one chapter each week and transmit it to your client every Friday and there are 12 of you working on that e-book, you can't expect your client to be excited to receive 12 email every Friday just to check the development of the entire project. The most efficient way is to use an online collaboration tool, such as Google Docs.

When I first tried using Google Docs on two computers, I was impressed because I could actually see from one computer who else was reading or making changes to a particular document on other computers. You could actually chat with another person on a page! Of course, that's too powerful a tool to be used for chat. :)

For a simple overview of Google Docs, here's a tutorial or a video to help you:

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