Pinoy VA Tutorials in Filipino-English

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If you are thinking of starting a career as a VA and you are not quite sure where to begin, you might want to start with a tutorial that gives you the basics, and does it in a step-by-step and easy-to-understand way. Fortunately, Manuel Viloria has started a series of Pinoy VA Tutorials, which he delivers in audio form--in Taglish! Yes, it is a bilingual tutorial, so if you are concerned about getting an overload of "heavy" internet words, they are absent in these tutorials. At least in the first part, called Before You Begin. Best of all, it is free. All you need is an email.

So what can you expect from the tutorial? The full course outline lists 27 topics--from the basic skill that you need, to creating your blog and the content for it, and on to the different methods of internet marketing.

Some thoughts on Part 1: Before You Begin
Part 1 of the tutorial covers the basic skills that you need, starting with English writing and speaking skills. For those who might not be confident with their English skills, Viloria cites the case of blogger SELaplana, who he said was mocked in comments but persisted and learned along the way. A good advice he gave is to partner with bloggers who may be able to help you get your ideas across to your readers. Viloria also mentions the other communication skill--email and Skype--as well as knowledge of image-editing, audio and video tools. The second half of the tutorial offers advice on what to write: focus on what other people consume or buy; share experience and tips; offer useful information to attract people who spend cash online.

If you are a newbie Pinoy VA--and even if you've done a few "gigs" already--you will find Pinoy VA Tutorials to be a rich source of information and tips that can help you on your way to success.

You can sign up for Pinoy VA Tutorials by Manuel Viloria here.

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