An Interesting Typo

Fast--and accurate--typing is another skill a virtual assistant might need in order to be effective. Then again, that would depend on what the client needs to be done. I said "accurate", because fast typing often leads to typos. How many times have you--in a rush--typed facebool or facebooj or facebok on Google and hit enter? And if you know that hitting Ctrl + Enter is the shortcut that adds www and .com to any word in the address bar, you'd probably go straight to the web address. In fact, some bloggers, notably Marghil Macuha, take advantage of this phenomenon to make their blogs appear in search engine results. They call it keyword hijacking. Or simply making money out of misspelled words. 

Well I was in a hurry typing gmail in the address bar and I missed the m. So what came up was a, a website registered by a husband as a birthday gift to his wife, Gail. The website turns out to have an interesting lawsuit history. What's more amusing is that the webpage says that the site gets visited more than 6,000 times a day! That's 180,000 visits a month! However, the owner isn't interested in making money out of it. I wonder how many of those are typos?

Do you see now how a misspelled popular keyword can help increase your page views? It's one form of search engine optimization or SEO. The obvious question is: won't users just type the correct keyword once they realize they made a typo? Maybe so. On the other hand, pro bloggers are making money out of it. My insight into search behaviour is that the tendency to be curious about a search result is greater than the tendency to type again. And so users land on those pages.

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