How to use Spybot Search & Destroy

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Spybot scans your computer against a comprehensive list of adware and malware. It's been in the freeware world for a long time--I've been using this tool since my Windows 98 days. :) Now, the folks at creator of the tool--have extended protection to iPhones via Spybot SD 1.6.2.

Besides detecting spyware, Spybot also cleans you system of usage tracks, which you may find useful if you don't want other users of your computer to see what you have been doing. It also features registry fix options for advance users.

In, Spybot shares a few negative review from users concerning system freezes and false positives. You may want to look around for pros and cons to make a decision for yourself whether you want to use this tool or not. Anyway, I've prepared  simple tutorial on how to use Spybot.

How to Use Spybot S&D

You may want to read a tutorial here or check for compatibility issues. You can download the program here. Good luck! :)

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