How to use Blogger to create your first blog

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As a virtual assistant, you may need to create a blog where you can write about your experience as a VA--and make money doing it--or simply a blog that can be your online portfolio. For starters, you can set up a free blog, and there are many free blog sites around. The two most popular perhaps are Blogger and Wordpress. Blogger is Google's blog platform and you can sign up anytime for free.

Here are some tips on blogging:

1. Topic - Find something you are passionate about and blog about it. If you like food or cooking, write about your dining experiences and include reviews of restaurants. Try out some recipes and write about it. Take photos or videos and upload them to your blog. Provide relevant and helpful tips. Readers like blogs where they learn something or pick up something useful.

2. Length - If you are not yet comfortable writing long posts, write short ones but write frequently. Pro bloggers still have different opinions about how long a post should be. Some blogs have long posts, but suffer from reader's attention span. Other blogs have short posts, but not enough keywords to be picked up by search engines. Many pro bloggers peg the length at 250 words, with a few keywords thrown in in the beginning, middle and end. (Keywords are what users type into search engines like Google, which leads them to your blog.) One good tip is to mix things up a bit: write some long posts and write short posts, but write frequently.

3. SEO - Search engine optimization, in a nutshell, is making your blog appear in users' search results when they use search engines like Google or Yahoo!. The higher you are in the list, the better. Over time, if you are persistent, you will learn more about SEO, and there are many blogs out there writing about it, sharing useful tips, and discovering new techniques. Knowledge of SEO is also something some employers look for in a virtual assistant, because some of them hire VAs to make their websites generate money.

Anyway, here is a short tutorial on how to find your way around Blogger.

How to Use Blogger

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