How To Remove Subscribe to Posts (Atom) Link from Your Blogger Blog

If you are using Blogger, and you like to keep your blog looking neat, you must have noticed the Subscribe to Posts (Atom) link on your blog, just above the footer (the bottom part of your blog). Clicking that link takes your readers to a page full of XML codes, which doesn't look useful. If you want to remove that link, you don't have to look in the code for the words "Subscribe to Posts (Atom). You won't find them there because they are not written into the template. The link is represented by one line of code:

To find it, log in to your Blogger blog go to the Design tab. Then click Edit HTML to display the template codes.

Once the template is displayed tick the check box next to Expand Widget Template.

Look for this piece of code:

Delete this code and save your template. Reload your blog and the link should be gone. Happy blogging!

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