How to find work on oDesk

If you want to start a career as a virtual assistant, a good place to start is an online marketplace for jobs, such as oDeskwhere employers and freelance workers can connect and enter into job contracts. At oDesk, buyers (businesses or employers) obtain the services of providers (contractors), who they also manage online. Depending on business needs, a buyer can hire and manage an entire team of remote workers, and payment for their services is done through the website's payment/bookkeeping system. oDesk earns by keeping 10% of the job contract fees, which are usually paid for by the buyer. Hourly rates and per-project contracts are done in oDesk, although only the hour-based contracts are protected by some form of payment guarantee.

Jobs at oDesk are categorized and there are hundreds of jobs available to the aspiring VA--from content writing, blogging, editing, to the more technical ones like programming and site administration. Currently, I have a content writing job at oDesk. :)

Here is a short tutorial that gives a sneak peek of oDesk.

How to Use oDesk

Click here for a quick tour of oDesk.

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