How to convert documents to .pdf format

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Okay, so you got a job to write a short e-book on candle making and aromatherapy. You have written diligently in Microsoft Word and added a few impressive images. You have done your proofreading and editing, and given your document one last look for typos. But your client wants it to be delivered in .pdf format (most e-books are!). How do you convert your document to pdf?

PDF means Portable Document Format, and the nice thing about a pdf file is exactly that--it is portable. It can be opened in just about any system, and though the software needed to read it is easy to install, you can share pdf files with others who don't share the same software. Converting to pdf format is essential if you want to protect your documents from unauthorized viewing or editing. You can also use pdf documents for presentation, such as the simple tutorial below. Although there are a number of free pdf conversion software on the internet, there are online conversion services, such as doc2pdf. The tutorial below shows you how to use the service.
How to Use Doc2pdf

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