How to use Wordpress to create a blog

WordPress For Dummies, 3rd EditionBlogging and virtual assistance are probably inseparable tasks today, since many clients who hire Virtual Assistants either have online businesses or are pro bloggers who maintain several blogs. Similarly, blogging is one of the many skills a virtual assistant ought to have in order to make money online and be competitive in the virtual assistance market. A popular blogging platform today is Wordpress, which offers both hosted service and free service.

I have prepared a kind of "for dummies" tutorial below, on how to create your first blog using the Wordpress platform. If you are just starting out as a Virtual Assistant, you may want to start a free blog on Wordpress, and enhance your skills in writing, blogging, or even learn search engine optimization (SEO).  Now, there are two Wordpress sites. is for the developers working on Wordpress. is the one you want to visit; that's the site that offers free blog service. Anyway, below is a simple tutorial on how to create your first Wordpress blog.
How to Use Word Press 2
By the way, that blog you just saw, CopyscapeZero, will be an experimental blog for an upcoming project. So, stay connected.


  1. thanks for sharing this. i followed the tutorial and successfully created my first blog. :)

  2. southernbeat -

    Thanks for reading. I'm glad to know the article helped.

    Goodluck on your blogging. :)


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