Become an efficient Virtual Assistant with Dropbox

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Johan Larsson
If you are considering a career as a virtual assistant (VA), it is good to know the tools that can help you to be an efficient and effective worker. A great part of working as a VA is collaboration and sharing files with the members of your team and even your manager.

One great tool that you can use for synchronizing and sharing files is Dropbox. I've prepared a short tutorial on how to use Dropbox. 

This incredible tool takes the usb disk out of the equation by putting a folder in your computer where you can store your files, constantly sync this folder, and giving easy options for sharing your files. It allows you to create a Dropbox account, which you can log into to gain access to your files--wherever you can go online. Founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, Dropbox offers both paid and free services, and each service has different options. A good come-on for frequent users is their additional storage space. With free service, you begin with a 2GB allotted space which can increase up to 8GB if you invite others to use it. 

Here is the tutorial. For better viewing, enable full screen view.

How to Use Dropbox

You can download Dropbox here. Study the tool, then start sharing files with your friends first. Enjoy!


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