5 Million Hits in 5 Days

Photo: Rose Robinson
This is an amazing video of what many have called the greatest marriage proposal. A guy named Matt wants to propose to Ginny, after seeking the blessing of her father. Matt creates a movie, and finds a way to have the 6-minute movie, called "Making the Movies Jealous", inserted in the trailers, while the Ginny sits in the theater with her brother, the accomplice. The video shows the actual trailer and an inset shot of Ginny's reaction.

Anyway, here's the video. Watch and decide for yourself.

Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

Have you seen anything more awesome?

As I am writing this, it has more than 5 million hits on YouTube, just 5 days after upload. Wow. This is a great lesson for bloggers. A great video is a powerful video, especially if hits the emotions. People are emotional. They see a great video that somehow affects them, they share it. The same is true with any video or any presentation. When it connects with people, it lives, it moves. It gets VIRAL. What has this anything to do with being a virtual assistant. Well, just imagine that you created this video for a client's website. You just generated a lot of traffic for him/her. SEO is one of the many tasks a virtual assistant may be asked to do. And then there is marketing, writing, blogging, and promotion. The bottom line is: great content attracts a great number of readers or visitors.

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